1. bobziemba's Avatar
    I have a Torch now for only 2 days and am getting used to it from an origional Bold. Today a new icon seems to have appeared that looks like a message folder with a globe and it is labeled Desktop. It seem to contain a duplication of my Messages folder. Why and do I need it can I delete it?

    Also my Torch seems to be running sluggish today. Open and closing applications takes a second or two as compared to at first it was pretty brisk?
    08-27-10 07:18 PM
  2. shansmi's Avatar
    It cannot be deleted. Under the Messages folder, choose options and ensure the "desktop" check box is checked so all email for that account appear in the main messages folder. After that select the desktop folder and hit the BB Menu key then choose Lhide". Sounds like you are on BES otherwise it would have an icon for your email service like Y!

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    08-27-10 07:31 PM
  3. bobziemba's Avatar
    I swear it wasn't there and it all at once showed up? I had my icons arranged the way I wanted them and this one stuck itself right after the Messages icon
    08-27-10 08:06 PM