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    I was having issues using my Blackberry Pearl 8130 from US Cellular as a tethered modem on my Vista laptop. I can set it up in about 2 seconds on Windows XP, but I can't figure out how to do it on Vista even with the walkthroughs...

    I saw one guide that was Vista-specific on Instructables, but I can't see the pictures there because I don't have an account.
    Other than that, I've tried to use the standard "tethering" guide that's here on Crackberry.

    Can I get a detailed step-by-step guide that's Vista specific, possibly with pictures?

    My dial number on XP was "#777" and username/password was just my phonenumber (not myphonenumber@whatever.com)
    11-22-09 02:31 AM
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    12-09-09 04:35 PM
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    nobody has any idea on this?
    12-11-09 10:21 AM
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    i don't know how different it would be from a pearl to a curve, but the ip modem feature in the new dm (v5.0.1) is very simple to set up in both vista and xp with my curve (this may also be carrier specific, but i'm also with uscc). i actually did it yesterday for a short time on my vista box.

    once you update dm to the most recent version, there should be a new tab on the dm home screen for ip modem capability. you select that, then configure settings (the option on the left). add a new custom profile with your name. in the fields below, your username is msid@uscc.net and your password is misd. ** leave the other fields blank, save the profile, and then click connect (the option on the right). that should be all you need to get it running, no dialing out or anything.

    **note: your msid may or may not be the same as your phone number. to find out for sure, call customer service and ask them for your msid.
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    12-16-09 12:01 PM
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    thanks, problem solved! This was a lot simpler than I was expecting; I was trying to overkill this I guess haha
    12-20-09 09:36 PM