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    so just got the email this afternoon for the beta test

    installed on the macbook pro and the storm. at first it didnt work, but restarted the mac and did a battery pull. ran the mac GUI and the numbers started accumulating, turned off airport, and hAZzAAa, it works! it's definitely not as fast as my wireless network with FiOS, but it's very do-able with email and basic surfing, nothing data intensive like music downloads or youtube streaming (i'm too scared to get billed for the data, i know i have "unlimited data" but i believe there's a fine print for verizon 5gb cap on it - please correct me if i'm wrong)

    i did the cnet bandwith meter test. came up with 410.5 kbps compared to my wireless network connected to 4-5 machines 1385.9 kbps

    so my macbook pro (early 2008): Mac OS X 10.5.6 2.5gHz intel core 2 duo with 4gb 667mHz DDr2 SDRAM

    Storm: running bbcrackman's hybrid 3.5.1 with the 0.90 radio code because i like the bigger keyboard and dislike the color banding

    how about you guys? anyone getting better a bandwidth?
    05-06-09 03:55 PM