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    Hopefully someone out there will be able to give me some opinions on this question. I have posted on here about connection errors before but I am at a point now where I may be loading the newest BBDM on my wife's new W8 Laptop.
    Currently she has 6.1 DM on her desktop and syncs and backs up her 9810 nightly or every other night via USB cable with a 2-way syncs her calendar, memos, and contacts between the two devices. Note: she does not sync emails or messages.
    She did not initially want to put outlook 2007 on the laptop as she uses it at our office (stand alone) and didn't want to mix the two being business(desktop) and pleasure (laptop). However since you can no longer sync outlook with Google and trying to find a way with window live is impossible, it appears that the only way to do this is to install the DM on her new laptop along with Outlook and sync to the laptop as well, thereby syncing daily and being able to stay on top of the calendar and contacts being up to date on the desktop, phone and now the laptop. We've decided on this approach after weeks of trials and work-arounds.
    So that said, should I attempt to find a download copy of the BBDM 6.1 that actually works flawlessly, and download it on the W8 machine or should I download the newest BBDM 7.xxx and chance her suffering the many issues that have clung around the 7.xx BBDMs that have come out----AND will the 6.1 if I can find one, work with windows 8?
    Any advice from anyone out here that has experience with this subject, is asked to please jump in here as your opinions and experiences with this is most important and very much appreciated! Thank you!
    03-29-13 06:04 PM

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