1. BuddyC_cb's Avatar
    I'm running desktop manager 2.4.0. build 16 on my mac and I can't seem to sync my BB 9930 anymore. I'm now receiving an error message of "An error occured while syncing: ZERO"

    Anyone else have this issue? Just started recently.
    09-26-12 01:30 PM
  2. nololos's Avatar
    Sadly I have stopped trying to sync anything with my mac and BB. I now have total Google Calendar and moved all contacts to gmail.
    I wanted to try The Missing Sync but read a bunch of bad reviews...
    If you hear of anything let me know?
    My iCal sync attempt just gave me a message saying There are no writable calendars to sync..yadda yadda...I got so frustrated I just moved everything to Google.
    09-27-12 06:14 AM
  3. DeeNiceJones's Avatar
    I've had the same issue since I got my 9900 w/att last nov. I've called att and sent emails and tweets to BB and they don't have a solution. All of my older BBs (torch, curve and pearl) were able to sync to my mac w/no problem and the Bold just won't. I even had att replace the bold 9900 w/another one and both still won't download. What is the use of having a BB is you can't sync and back it up? I can't even add any music to it. I think BB desktop manager only works on a pc and not a mac. I think that BB needs to update desktop manager for mac by the time BB 10 comes out or I might have to (unfortunately) switch to a different phone because I can't sync anything on this one.
    09-29-12 04:31 AM
  4. nololos's Avatar
    DeeNice...I have read that it's Apples newest OS and the iCloud that screws with our BB sync's.
    I kind of have resorted to the mindset of..."If I want a BB keyboard (the whole reason I went back to BB) I will have to just have everything run and sync with either Google or Yahoo. I guess it's a small (not really) price to pay to have my beloved BB in mt life.
    They don't call it a Crackberry for nothing.
    Unless someone else has come up with a solution I am all ears. Until them I will continue scouring the interwebs for possible solutions that dont involve a ton of frustrating phone calls to Apple and BB support.
    I did try Syncamatic's free trial...for maybe...a day (don't bother, it didnt work for me)
    Has anyone tried The Missing Sync? Lately?
    Or Pocket Mac? Lately?
    09-29-12 06:23 AM
  5. nololos's Avatar
    DeeNice, one more thing...does your BB sync with Google or Yahoo?
    Does your BB get your Mac email?
    09-29-12 06:25 AM
  6. nololos's Avatar
    I caved and shelled out 29 bucks for Missing Sync and it works like a charm so far.....I hesitate cause some reviews were not so great.
    I finally got clear instructions on how to create a writable calendar so now my iCal syncs with bb and my contacts. That's all I have set up to sync with Missing sync right now but there are a ton of others you can do. It blows DM out of the water. I have found I need to be near my comp for the sync to work...(Im still figuring it out)
    I just wanted to let you guys know that there is a workable sync for us mac people.
    10-01-12 02:26 PM