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    I just got my first BlackBerry and I love it so far. I would really like to synchronize my contacts from Outlook back/forth to my BlackBerry as well as one of my calendars.

    However, I cannot figure out a way to synchronize just ONE of my multiple contact folders in Outlook. I have the following contact folders: 'Personal/Family', 'Work', and 'Telephone Only'. The first two are names and e-mail addresses (contacts in my address book used when e-mailing) while the last folder (Telephone Only) is only names and telephone numbers. This is the only folder I would like synchronized with my BlackBerry. Is it possible to synchronize contacts within just this folder, and not all of my contacts?

    The same goes for my calendars. I have a 'Personal' and a 'Work' calendar. Is there a way to synchronize just the 'Work' calendar with my BlackBerry and back?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance!
    08-13-09 10:15 PM