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    SOmehow I got three calendars on my Blackberry. The choices are default, my aol email address and my ATT blackberry email address. When I sync my blackberry with the desktop manager to Outlook, I am only getting like 6 of my calendar entriesd or just from one of the calendars on my blackberry.

    How do I select another calendar for it to sync to outlook as most are under my default calendar. Or can I sysnc all my calendars at one time to Outlook using DM.

    HELP! I know little about Outlook.
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    11-12-10 02:10 PM
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    i'm having the same issue. running os 6 on a torch.
    11-13-10 10:35 AM
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    At the top of your Outlook Calendar view, what email address is listed there (it should say something like "Calendar -- name@aol.com". Is that the one you're trying to sync? And when you enter calendar stuff in Outlook are you entering them all under the same Calendar "owner/email address"? Maybe you accidentally have multiple calendars in Outlook (e.g. if you read your AOL and any other email address(es) with Outlook (as Pushed emails to Outlook), then Outlook might have set up multiple calendars to match with those emails.

    Also confirm in your BB what the Default calendar is so maybe you can change your BB settings to use only what your Outlook Calendar is associated with.
    12-10-10 08:34 AM
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    BTW, have you seen/read this thread?


    It might contain what you need to fix your problem, or at least give you some better insight into what might be going on.
    12-10-10 01:35 PM