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    Hi All,

    I tried to search this issue on the forums and google and didn't find anything so I apologize if this was already discussed.

    I have outlook with 2 calendars: One personal and the other for business.
    Each calendar is associated also with a different account and different email address.

    I configured the desktop manager with the business calendar as the default, however I also added the personal calendar to the list.
    I also did the same for Contacts and Tasks

    My BB storm is configured with the 2 email accounts and I assigned different color to each account so I can distinguish between personal meetings and business meetings on the calendar.

    Sounds good doesn't it? Well, only in theory.

    When I try to sync my BB with my desktop, it ignores the personal calendar and doesn't update the BB with meetings from my personal calendar.
    It does sync the contacts and tasks though.

    In addition, when I create a meeting on the BB and associate it with the personal email address (non-default), the desktop manager will not update my outlook with this meeting.

    Any ideas if I'm missing anything or how can I resolve this?

    Thanks in advance

    03-12-10 01:58 PM