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    I've upgraded to the Desktop Software and I'm perplexed by the handling of conflicts. If I'd made changes to different entries on both my calendar and my device (Storm 2), it used to just synch to the latest change, whichever source it came from.

    Now, I'm faced with a screen that says I have 247 entries that contain conflicts and my only options are seeimingly to take the device or Outlook, not to synch at all, or to create a bunch of dupes. Am I missing something? Is there no way to set it up to take the most current iteration? Or, though a time consuming humbug, I'd welcome the option of going through each entry.

    Am I missing something here?

    09-17-12 03:19 AM
  2. icashootnstar's Avatar
    But could someone at least tell me what an goober I am for not figuring this out? (Then tell me what I'm doing wrong.)
    09-21-12 12:11 AM
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    I uninstalled and reinstalled 6.1 as it wanted me to replace all my outlook entries. Some 2500 I had to keep deleting the phone record for it to sync, so I gave up in the end. Whilst not the most experience I can normally work something. The other issue for me is the change in backup file format, just can't get my head round the conversion and I have tried.
    09-21-12 05:37 PM
  4. icashootnstar's Avatar
    It sounds like a return to a previous version is in order. This happens every timne I upgrade/update BlackBerry software! Grumble...
    09-23-12 05:43 PM
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    Just to update ths topic-
    I did bite the bullet and explain my situation up tha ladder three times (Verizon, Verizon Tech, RIM). After finally making it to RIM tech support, having exhausted the previous resources (and myself), the end result was the answer I feared.
    If you are using your device and Outlook the way you'd expect to be able to use them-
    by making changes to your entries as convenient, whether on your device or in Outlook-
    in anticipation that the BlackBerry Desktop Software will synchronize those items by using the most updated entries, then you’ve got another think coming.
    You will be confronted with a list of all entries in conflict and, while only being able to see the first three letters of each entry without hovering over the item on the list, you will then be told to do, what in py opinion is the software’s job, of deciding which entry os most current.
    I still don’t believe it. I still wish someone woud come along and tell me I am ,and the three rungs of the ladder I just climbed are- wrong!
    09-23-12 06:46 PM