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    I am using BDM to synchronise my calendar between my Storm and outlook.

    For any contacts that are on my phone the names get swapped around, so the meeting is ALWAYS updated. For attendees not in my contacts the names are kept.

    When viewing the details of the change it is as follows:

    Attendees former value:
    Surname1, Forname1; SMTP; Forname1.Surname1@domain.com
    Forename2 Surname2; SMTP; Forename2.Surname2@domain.com

    Current value:
    Surname1, Forname1; SMTP; Forname1.Surname1@domain.com
    Surname2, Forename2; SMTP; Forename2.Surname2@domain.com

    The contact on my phone is number 2 - number 1 is not on my phone, but just an attendee in the meeting.

    How can I get BDM to see the email address in the attendees so there is no conflict and the meeting isn't updated each time?
    06-08-10 08:12 AM
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    Hmmm ... no responses.
    Doesn't sound too promising.
    06-28-10 09:35 AM