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    I need to use my BB (8320) to keep my home and work contacts, calendar, notes synchronized with each other.

    I have MS Outlook on both - the BB belongs to my company, so my work Outlook syncs to the BB wirelessly. I want to use DM (or something) to sync to my home Outlook via USB. (I know I have to manually turn off wireless sync in each of the apps on the phone before I can sync via DM...)

    Here's the deal - it used to work, but after I re-installed DM, whenever I tried to sync via DM/USB, it would do something to the phone and it wouldn't sync with the Enterprise Server anymore. Then I had to call the IT guys to re-initialize... After a couple of times, they were ready to smack me.

    Any ideas why this is happening?
    11-19-09 06:35 PM