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    Sync Problems: Trying to save data from an old Blackberry, and nothing works

    I had a 9000 series Blackberry at work, and when I switched jobs, had to return the device. I have some of the data backed up on my Mac OS 10.6.8 using Blackberry Desktop Software 2.4.0 (build 17). I want to sync the data to an old Curve 8320 Device so I can then sync the data to my Apple iCal and Apple address book.

    I wiped the 8320 clean of all data, and tried to Sync it. The Desktop software recognizes the device but when I hit the sync button, It shows “Restoring Address Book.. All” and then the progress bar shows nothing. No movement at all. What do I do?

    Is there any other way to save my data? If I delete and reload the Desktop Software, do I lose my backedup data?

    Thanks – Hogtied in Hoboken
    03-23-14 02:04 PM
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    Instead of just hitting sync, have you tried the Restore function in DM? *

    Also, the first troubleshooting to try always is rebooting devices. For your Mac, restart it. For the BB 8320, perform a battery pull. Battery pull means with device fully powered on remove the battery, wait 30 seconds, then replace battery to initiate reboot.

    * (Sorry DM stands for Desktop Manager, the original name for BB Desktop Software.)
    03-23-14 05:18 PM

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