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    Iīve got a new Mac yesterday because the old one was done (only 2 years old though...). Anyway, I connected my BB as usual to the computer and started DM and tried to sync it with my phone.
    I noticed that I canīt sync my Calendar with my BB. Itīs saying that there is write-protected calendars on my computer for syncing. Start iCal or ME and create a new non write-protected calendar. This is new and I have never seen that before. I really want to sync my BB to my calendar because I would like to have all the events I have on my BB also on my Mac.
    Donīt know what went wrong or what is different to my Mac before. Does somebody know how to fix that?

    07-16-12 02:42 PM
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    Nobody know how to fix that?
    I mean it worked before. It is practically the same computer.... why not anymore?
    07-26-12 04:47 PM