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    I've used BB9700 (OS6) and my wife's 8900 (OS5) with outlook XP for long time. Installed Win 7 home 32 bit to the PC with Outlook 10 - immediately set up both BBs to sync with Outlook - no problem. Upgraded to Windows 7 pro 32 bit. Both BBs continue to sync calendar and phone book data as was set before. Today decided to add task list to sync options - went to DM, clicked to configure sync - Outlook is not showing up as an option anymore, the only available desktop application option is ACSII importer/exporter. So, somehow DM does not see an Outlook at all anymore. The only thing that changed is conversion from Win 7 home 32bit to Win 7 pro 32 Bit. Tried to update DM - reinstalled newest version of BB site, and now completely lost ability to sync with Outlook. Read a lot of forums - people have error messages or other problems - I don't see Outlook at all! Please, help!
    09-05-11 11:38 PM
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    There is a number of threads that deal with similar problems..

    Please specify the DM version you are using..

    You could try to uninstall DM and OL 2010. Run a registry cleaner utility (eg ccleaner). Reboot the PC and reinstall OL2010. Make sure your OL is working properly and only then reinstall DM.. use the latest version 6 available..

    I have Windos 7 and OL 2010 in several PC, they all synch fine with my BB using DM.
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    09-07-11 09:05 AM
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    Thank you, and you are absolutely right. Since I posted the question I was able to successfully sync my BB with the other computer I have, which also runs Office 2010. In the meantime, I started working on my sick computer, and found out that updating to Win 7 Pro by using update code from MSoft screwed up some other things as well. I am afraid I will have to start with wiping the HD clean, installing Win 7 and Pro update first, and then adding all the software, otherwise I will never find the way out.
    09-07-11 09:30 PM