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    Hey all,

    I managed to break my Blackberry so that none of the keys work. I was wondering if there was another way that's not through Outlook that I can sync my memopad notes to my computer in a readable format. Also, if I back up my phone through desktop manager and later load this saved file to my new Blackberry, will my memopad notes also be included?

    Thanks in advance!
    11-17-10 01:06 PM
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    1. No, there's not even a way to do that on a PC.
    2. Yes, your memos and most, if not all, of your information/data will be restored when you get a new BB.

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    11-17-10 01:11 PM
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    1. Bummerino!
    2. Excellent, that made me feel super relieved.

    Thanks for your help!
    11-17-10 01:33 PM
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    No problem

    But yea that does kind of suck, I'm not an Outlook user either. There are a number of apps for taking notes that can be viewed on both your BB and computer, but none will help you out at this time.

    If you aren't getting that BB anytime soon, or getting a non-BB phone and that data in there is really important to you there's Free download ABC Amber BlackBerry Convertor, parse, convert, backup and archive IPD and BBB files to CHM, PDF, HTML, Word, Access, Excel, CSV, IPD Extractor, forensic tool It can convert your backup files (ipd) to a viewable file. I've never used it, don't know how it works, or if it's even available for Mac's, but that is another option for you. I think you need to pay for this program though, no idea the price.

    As I said before though, when you get your new BB just plug it in, and restore your most recent backup file to it. Your new phone will be exactly how your old phone was when that backup was created. If you get a different BB some things might be changed, but your most important stuff will be there.

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    11-17-10 02:02 PM
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    No problem

    There are a number of apps for taking notes that can be viewed on both your BB and computer
    Can you please elaborate? Most of the note apps I am scouring through either do a lame job, can only be viewed while on your BB browser, etc.

    All I need is a simple Mac desktop app that can allow me to synchronize plain text notes with MemoPad on the BB. Alternative would be downloading a program to the BB that syncs with a desktop program OTHER than "Apple Mail Note" (er, Lame!).

    Evernote seemed closest so far but then I read that on your BB it dispenses with all your "Categoeries" - e.g. a gigantic mess of notes results on the BB no matter how organized you are on the desktop - No Good.

    03-20-12 01:52 AM