1. jaymzb0nd's Avatar
    I have all of my sync settings for calendar and memo and all that set to sync both ways as far as the device to comp and vice versa.

    Whenever I used to have a calendar appointment that was synced to both and I would change the time on my phone, when I would sync it with the comp, it would automatically sync the phone appointment to the computer because it knew the phone appointment was the most up to date.

    Since downloading the new desktop manager, a Conflict Resolution box pops up showing me the Outlook appt, Device appt, and asks if I want to:
    A. Make no change to either Device or Outlook
    B. Add conflicting Device item to Outlook and vice versa
    C. Update fields in both Device and outlook with highlited values.

    Does anyone know how I can change it back to how it used to be? I checked the DM settings and it is still set to sync both ways.
    08-12-10 04:38 PM