1. Anonimouse's Avatar
    A strange issue! A colleague has a 9800 Torch, which for the past couple of weeks has been working perfectly. It connected to Outlook Web Access with no problems and has synced with Outlook to obtain calendar and contacts information with ease ... Painless!

    However yesterday my colleague received a message to update the Desktop Manager software. I said, "What harm could it do? It's best to keep your software up to date, just in case there are any additional software fixes". I then left.

    It seems the syncing process has been affected. The BlackBerry device has all past and future appointments stored in it's calendar, which is good. However it has deleted all future (not past) appointments from her Outlook calendar! I can't see how a Desktop Manager software update would've caused this ... ? From a quick search, I see that others have experienced similar or variations of the same issue, but no fix.

    Is there a reason as to why this may have happened? Also, it is possible to sync the calendar from BlackBerry to PC, so that the Outlook calendar on the PC is overwritten with the information on the BlackBerry? This would sort the problem

    Any information is much appreciated!


    04-28-11 05:26 AM
  2. swissalp's Avatar
    I just had the same problem and more. When synching with outlook all future and past data disappeared from Outlook, except 4 appointments this week. No idea why it left these 4.
    There has to be a way to resynch the data from the Torch to Outlook. HELP!!!
    05-10-11 10:46 AM