1. ssbtech's Avatar
    I've always felt that the Desktop Software is a very weak link in the RIM "ecosystem".

    File this under "Sh!t RIM needs to fix"

    07-19-12 01:12 PM
  2. crumbonthefloor's Avatar
    Please call your carrier so they can create a case # for you and transfer the call to RIM. They would need to collect Desktop Software logs so they can help you out
    07-23-12 09:09 AM
  3. Martin Reynolds's Avatar
    I was just talking to my carrier about this very problem. He asked me to sync again to get error number. This time I had Outlook turned off, and, you've guessed it, it worked!
    Seems the message that should appear is please turn Outlook off during sync!

    Thanks RIM
    06-07-13 04:54 AM