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    My question is pretty straight-forward, and hopefully the answer will be, as well. I tried searching but couldn't find anything that directly correlated to my situation. I have a Bold 9780, with my work email set up on it. I don't have BES or BIS. The email account is POP3, not IMAP. What I want to do is have the emails on my phone synchronized with those within my Outlook program when I plug my phone into my computer (don't need wireless sync).

    I can synchronize the calendar, contacts, memos, and tasks no problem. But there is no email option within the Desktop Manager. There used to be something called "Desktop Redirector" in the older versions of DM, but I believe that only applied to BES accounts, correct?

    So, is there a way to simply synchronize the email on both my device as well as my Outlook express account?

    09-28-11 10:40 PM