1. fotyc's Avatar
    Finally am dumping the Curve 8330 and getting onto a Torch! AT&T had some refurbs in red so I grabbed one. Now, I need to move to the new device.

    The little card that came with the phone, telling me how to switch to my new device, assumes I'm switching from one GSM phone to another and talks about moving my SIM card (I assume that is what they mean by "smart chip"?). I am moving from a CDMA Verizon phone.

    I am using the version of DM that came with my Verizon phone on a CD, of course having downloaded the updated versions as they came along. Do I need to delete it and install from the AT&T disk?

    Can I just do a Switch device (without apps - I am going from OS 4.5 to 6 so I need new versions of my apps) and it'll be fine? Or is it going to work strangely because I'm crossing carriers?

    Also, should I do the Switch device before I activate the new phone on the network, or after? I am keeping my phone number, so activating one will deactivate the other.

    Is there anything that I need to watch out for in this situation, based on your experience? Thanks for any comments.
    03-11-11 07:06 AM
  2. howarmat's Avatar
    you should be able to backup and switch using the software you have installed. The change in carriers shouldnt effect anything and yes you can just follow the "switch device" screens and it will walk you thru the process. You are correct about the apps not working for the most part so those will need to be downloaded and install after for best results

    congrats on the new phone
    03-11-11 07:14 AM