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    I only connect my Curve 8900 to my PC very occasionally to transfer photos to my PC. The last time I did this was several months ago, and I was able to transfer the photo files OK using the Blackberry Media Manager (I think that was what is was called) on my PC. I had also used this on previous occasions and it worked OK.

    Today I started the PC software and it looks very different and now seems to be called "Blackberry Desktop Software" (I guess it must have automatically updated itself). There is now a "Media Sync" part of the menu which seems to be for transferring photos etc, but when I click "Pictures" I get an error "Media Services are not available". I did a Google search which suggested checking the Mass transfer option in the phone - I did and it was already set to ON.

    I do not have a media card in my phone but am able to take a small number of photos which is enough for me - I assume that these photos are stored in the SIM memory?

    Anyway, I then updated the Blackberry PC software to the latest version, and then updated the phone software aswell, in the hope that this would solve the problem. Now when I click on the "Pictures" button under Media Sync I get a different error "A problem occured while attempting to connect to your Blackberry device". Other functions of the software seem to connect with the phone OK.

    Can I assume that this new "Desktop Software" is broken, and that I will have to reinstall the previous version that I had used successfully before (if I can find it on the net) ?
    05-08-11 09:18 AM
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    OK I uninstalled "Blackberry Desktop Software" and reinstalled the old Desktop Manager.

    The old software launches Roxio "Media Manager" to handle the photos in the phone, and I can immediately get access to my photos now.

    The new "Blackberry Desktop Software" is obviously broken.
    05-18-11 09:26 AM