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    Hi all. For cost reasons I had to dump my android phone and sprint contract plan and switch to T-mobile prepaid with data.(No messenger or BIS)
    I bought a used 8900 on E bay and I am really liking this phone and the OS.
    The question is regarding backing up my contacts and calendar etc.
    With the android I was using gmail and all the contacts were automatically sync between the phone and my PC.
    To the dumb question.
    Is DM still backing up my data even though I don't have any of the supported PIM software like Outlook, Notes etc?
    So if I trash or lose my phone it will be safely stored on my pc to restore to a new device? It seems to be going through the motions of backing up but there is no way to see the stored data on my pc.
    I will still be using Gmail but I would prefer not to use Google Sync as I here it can be problematic with the Blackberry OS.
    Also I am thinking about purchasing the PIM program Agendus. It says it works with DM. Is that the case?
    Agendus for BlackBerry - all-in-one personal information manager integrates and enhances the BlackBerry built-in calendar, tasks, and contacts
    Ideally I would like to enter some info on my PC due to the full size keyboard so does that means I would have to purchase the Windows bundle mentioned at the bottom of the linked page?

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    Yes DM is and should be working as long as you have it set to auto backup or are backing up manually on a regular basis. Don't know how Agendus for BB works but I loved it on my Palm back in the day. I can't see why it wouldn't work if they say its DM compatible.

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    Note that none of the Google apps for BlackBerry will work without a BlackBerry Data Plan.

    And Agendus uses data, too, I believe.
    12-04-10 06:36 PM
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    Note that none of the Google apps for Blackberry will work without a Blackberry Data Plan.

    And Agendus uses data, too, I believe.
    A Blackberry data plan only? My T-mobile prepaid includes data for web etc (although a lot less than my previous unlimited plan )

    When I was researching Blackberry I thought I understood the differences between a Blackberry data plan and regular data.(messenger, BIS, BES)
    Am I wrong?
    Also I should point out I have used the phone for a week and surfed the web, got and sent gmail, signed up at APP world and last night while connected to DM was prompted to upgrade the OS to 5.0
    I also had a few messages from RIM welcoming me etc.
    thanks again

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    All the Google apps for BlackBerry require a BlackBerry Data Plan (even over WiFi).

    Agendus may work with a generic data plan (although the product page mentions connecting via BIS or BES). You might want to check to be sure, however.
    12-04-10 08:09 PM