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    I have a new Storm through Verizon and installed the Desktop Manager v4.7 (came w/ the package) on a Vista Business 64-bit laptop. When connecting the Storm, Vista sees it, yet DM does not see the PIN. I connected my Curve and get the same results.

    I updated the USB drivers and Portable Device drivers for the Storm in Vista. Still no joy. Un-installed the software several times and reloaded, same results. Removed the software and installed an older version of DM, same results.

    Installed 4.7 on my XP laptop and all is good with both the Curve and Storm. I would love to point the finger at Vista (junk), however the OS sees the phones, just not BB's software.

    Any thoughts as I have seen a few posts on the web, yet most that have solved their issues simply had sync issues as the BB software DID see the PIN, yet would not sync (not the same exact situation I am having).

    I thank you in advance.
    04-07-09 03:02 PM
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    I have had zero problems with my 32 bit Vista Ultimate. My guess would be that the 64 bit is the problem.

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    04-07-09 03:35 PM