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    Hi I have a dilemma, and hopefully am posting this in the right section. A work colleague has 2 blackberry devices - a Storm, and a Bold. The Storm is used as an mp4 device - it has no sim in it. The Bold is used for work - and is attached to a BES etc.

    The other day he upgraded his instance of Desktop Manager to the latest one, and when he had both devices plugged in, his Storm (the mp4 viewer) started to pick up his emails, and the Bold stopped syncing across the airwaves.

    I have fixed this by redoing the enterprise activation, and all is well, but what i am afraid of is the same thing happening again.

    Does anyone have any advice, or experience of this happening, and if so can anyone please provide, or point me in the right direction of a solution

    Many thanks in advance

    02-16-10 05:11 AM