1. xloux13x's Avatar
    i have had my storm for about 7 ot 8 months now and i havent been able to connect my phone to the desktop manager. i called verizon tech support but they are obviously idiots and wanted to just give me a replacemtn phone. NO I HAPPEN TO LIKE THE ONE THAT I HAVE! that is their solution to everything... trade in my phone for someone else's refurbished pile of crap. anyhow i gave up on trying to get it to work until tonight. i downloaded and installed bb desktop manager 6.0 (i think) and it will not reccognize my phone. my laptop reccognizes it because if i go to my computer i can open it and look at my files and junk that is on my phone anyhow i tried googling it to see if anyone else has had this problem and from what i saw there has been wuite a few people with the same problem. however i am obviously an ***** and cant understand what in the world they are saying to fix it... so here is what i am asking... i would like to know if there is an easy fix to this problem... preferably one that i can understand.

    i am running windows 7 and i have a dell studio something or other (please dont judge me)

    could it be a problem with my phone or something on my computers end??
    11-10-10 08:46 PM
  2. JimmyBX's Avatar
    Amazing that Verizon has NO ANSWERS for the problem. Last month, I sat there with a MORON from Verizon who had me update the phone and all types of BOOO**** that didn't work. I go to RIM and they do nothing and the phone suddenly starts working with desktop manager. I too am running Windows 7. My laptop doesn't recognize the goddamned phone whenever I connect. It's unbelievable. The answer should NOT be delete Desktop Manager and re-install. That's ridiculous. The answer should NOT be to replace the phone or do a security wipe. How can it be the cable when the phone effectively charges? The laptop has all it's updates. It's NOT Windows 7. No shock there isn't an answer. People DUMP BB. I totally get it now.
    11-26-10 02:18 AM
  3. xloux13x's Avatar
    its been well over a month now and still no solutions... as of right now i am about to throw this pile o crap phone through the wondow into a giant pile of snow... it freezes way too much it lags with no apps running and the typing speed durind texts... well lets just say that my 7 yearold cousin could text faster on a standard flip phone than i can type... and when it does let me type there are always typos because i will move my finger to a different letter but it wont recognize it... i am so sick of it. i used to swear by blackberry but next time im due for a phone i will not be getting one... and yes i know that all phones have their problems but i have experienced too many issues with this blackberry to consider going back to it.
    12-16-10 06:32 PM