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    This morning I was on the phone about 3 hours with ATT tech support and RIM Tech support regarding my problems with the version 6 BBDM software.
    Everyone was very helpful! Thank You!

    Here is what to do:
    As Witmen posted on another thread, Do a clean uninstall/Install. Make sure to clear your recycle bin. Be sure all previous versions of the BBDM software is deleted using the "Add/Remove" feature in control panel. (When you install version 6, it does not uninstall previous versions unfortunately)

    Here is the link to properly do a clean uninstall:
    KB02206-How to perform a clean uninstall of the BlackBerry Desktop Software

    Definitely remove the entries from your registry!!!!!!

    If you use Itunes for media manager: You'll have to erase your memory card and reload what you had on it the first time. Make sure you haven't opened itunes, let the Media manager open it. Save all your files on your memory card on your computer to readd them later.

    If you use Windows Media player, then everything works fine.
    There is always the drag and drop method that works.

    Before this call, I was getting the error message saying the BB Device manager was not installed (Even though it was.)

    Also, I was not able to connect and sync with Itunes. Attempting to do so, would cause the BBDM problem to "encounter an error and have to close"

    These steps are tedious, but it was the only thing that worked! When it does work, everything runs smooth! It's worth it in the end!
    10-07-10 08:37 PM
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    You're a lifesaver! i was trying to run bbdm6 on xp and would not get it to work. i just went through your steps and it now works! i was upset because i just recently downgraded my pc to windows xp from w7 for video card compatibility with w7. bbdm6 worked fine on w7. but anyway, thank you very much!!
    10-11-10 10:18 PM
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    Strange. I was able to upgrade from 5 to 6 on both my work computer (XP Pro 64 bit) and my home computer (XP Pro 32 bit) without uninstalling the previous version first.

    I did have to uninstall the BB usb driver in the Windows Device Manager on the home computer and let it reinstall after reconnecting the BB. But, I had to do that with every DM update since the initial DM 4 installation 4 years ago. For some reason, that has never been an issue on the 64 bit machine.

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    10-12-10 01:05 AM