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    I have spent "hours" trying to resolve my sync and error problems w/ DM6 and Windows XP with RIM and on my own. After more than a month, I still haven't got DM6 to sync my Bold 9000. This has to be a broader issue!

    I get a Windows XP "msvbvm60.dll" error when DM6 closes - DM does not retain settings, doesn't sync properly, and I don't trust the sync. When closing the program Windows XP says there is a failure of msvbvm60. The RIM tech had me download Microsoft's last 2008? version of msvbvm60. But I think the issue is in my older version of InstallShield. Microsoft updated Windows XP MicroNet Framework 4.0 update in August 2010, and I think DM6 won't run on the older InstallShield. I read that InstallShield took over responsibility for Microsoft's msvbvm60 functions.

    Are any of you familiar with InstallShield and MicroNet Framework 4.0, and whether I need to buy InstallShield 2011 to get DM6 to run on Windows XP?

    Thanks in advance,
    10-04-10 01:07 PM