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    I'm trying to set up a calendar sync between my blackberry and blackberry desktop manager.

    Its gonna have to be a USB sync, because I want to sync it with Outlook which then syncs with MobileMe. Pain in the behind, but with my wife and I sharing calendars and her being an iPhone user and also I use an iPad, MobileMe is stuck in the equation.

    Anyway, I have a Blackberry Torch, I'm using the latest version of Blackberry Desktop Software (fresh install, no other versions present when I installed this version) and also Outlook 2010.

    When I go to setup the configuration for the organiser in Blackberry Desktop Software, I have to go to Advanced where it shows me the option to "Map Folders" for the calendar. I then get two root options, "MobileMe Calendars" and "Outlook Data File".

    When I click the plus next to "MobileMe Calendars", I get the following error;

    Runtime Error
    Error Encountered. Error Code - 0x80043bea
    Check Documentation
    I then have no option of selecting anything to do with MobileMe Calendars. I can press the plus next to the Data Folder, but there's nothing I can add to the mapped folders side.

    So is this a limitation of the Blackberry Desktop Manager software, is there an update or hotfix I need to apply?

    I've tried syncing all these MobileMe calendars (about 8 in total) to Google using the Google Calendar Sync app with Outlook (so it goes two way between Mobile Me and Outlook and then Outlook with Google and then back again), but Google Calendar Sync only syncs one calendar from Outlook, or I would have gone that route.

    Tried the option of sharing the calendars publicly in MobileMe with google calendar, but it was hit and miss in my experience with new items that got added to MobileMe and I don't really want all my calendars being publicly viewable, no matter how mundane some of the stuff is on there, lol

    Hoping someone can help me out on this, because a Blackberry without Calendar functionality is a bit of a letdown
    05-15-11 08:00 PM