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    Please be advised that BlackBerry? Desktop Software 6.0 is scheduled to release on August 3, 2010*. Please read on for support information.

    Product Overview
    The BlackBerry Desktop Software is designed to link the content and applications on BlackBerry? smartphones with a computer.

    BlackBerry smartphone users can use the BlackBerry Desktop Software to do the following tasks:

    ?******* synchronize organizer data (calendar entries, contacts, tasks, and memos) and media files (music, pictures, and videos)?******* backup and restore BlackBerry smartphone data?******* manage and update BlackBerry smartphone applications?******* transfer settings and data to a new BlackBerry smartphone?******* use the BlackBerry smartphone as a modem to connect to the Internet from a computer?******* manage multiple devices?******* charge the BlackBerry smartphoneFeatures?******** Enhanced User Interface and improved synchronization for contacts, calendar appointments, tasks, memos, photos and videos.?******** Wi-Fi music sync o*** Designed to allow BlackBerry smartphone users to synchronize their music to their BlackBerry smartphone using a home Wi-Fi? connection with BlackBerry smartphones running BlackBerry? Device Software 6.0?******** BlackBerry? Media Sync functionality is integrated as a a core part of BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0 and is design to allow BlackBerry smartphone users to*** Seamlessly access all BlackBerry Media Sync functionality directly from BlackBerry Desktop Software 6.0 without needing to install and launch separate applicationso*** Synchronize with iTunes and Windows Media? Player music librarieso*** Select artists and genres in addition to playlists?******** Support for*** Microsoft? Outlook? Express 6 and Microsoft? Outlook ? 2003, 2007 and 2010 (32bit)o*** Windows Vista? Calendar and Address Booko*** IBM? Lotus Notes? 6, 6.5, 7, 8 and 8.5o*** Yahoo! ?

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    07-29-10 11:51 AM
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    Available for you to try right now.

    Desktop Manager 6 LEAKED
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    07-29-10 11:55 AM
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    Very interesting. Released on the 3rd? When is the OS releasing? The 3rd or the 15th? Idk.

    Hoping we know for sure by Tuesday.
    07-30-10 09:11 PM
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    if they are launching the 9800 this week it had better be released at least a day ahead of the device....
    07-31-10 08:41 AM
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    I would have to say that the OS will be available within a week no later after the release of the 9800. Reason, the stock OS being loaded will be old and they have already updated the OS itself so users will need to update to fix the errors being shipped on the devices currently.
    07-31-10 09:12 AM
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    yeah, but then they will need someway for users to backup/restore/set up their new os6 devices.....so this will be released to enable that. its hilarious that RIM is releasing an OS6 phone and no developers have seen an SDK.....there will be like no apps for this phone. incredible.
    07-31-10 09:25 AM