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    A continuing issue for Blackberry Desktop Manager users with netbooks, the Roxio Media Manager freaks out and will not run with screen resolution under 1024 x 768, with no manual way of resizing its window.
    With netbooks (often with lower resolution screens) having been on the market for over 2 years and with millions sold, its hard to imagine why this hasn't been resolved yet.

    I appreciate that this is, strictly speaking, not entirely RIM's fault - the Media Manager being a 3rd Party bundle and the responsibility of Roxio to make compatible - but RIM must encourage its partners to provide products that work on the same specs as their Desktop.

    I had absolutely no problem downloading and installing the Desktop (no CD drive on a netbook, you see) and it otherwise runs fine, but to need to change my screen resolution from its default 1024 x 600 to 1024 x 768 (and not all netbook users have that capability) simply to use the Media Manager is unacceptable.

    Dear RIM - get your partners up to speed or find other partners who can!
    01-03-10 11:53 AM