1. DBRIZZEL's Avatar
    if i choose to not install roxio....how will i access my media when i plug my blackberry in?
    10-29-09 12:34 AM
  2. JuliansDad's Avatar
    Hmmmmm.....we may have the same problem. I installed the 5.0 update to BB Desktop Mgr. last night. Ever since then, I've been getting these silly error messages on my desktop with reference to Roxio Media Manager. I owned Roxio software several years ago on another computer so I'm aware of what Roxio programs are. But what does this have to do with BB Desktop Mgr? I can't seem to get rid of the Roxio popups and error messages. What have you learned? Why Roxio and what's it got to do with BB?

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    10-30-09 02:42 AM
  3. DBRIZZEL's Avatar
    im actually looking for a different way to run my media...I cant stand roxio,I find it very unorginized.it doesn't recognize half of the tracks that I copy and paste to it..very difficult to manage.

    roxio is the media manager through the bb desktop manager by the way.
    10-30-09 09:49 AM