1. jkannry's Avatar
    Trying to restore pin messages from one device to another and cant figure out which service book to temporarily delete.

    Here's what I know
    1.)Using Desktop Manager, If do a transfer blackberry 1 to blackberry 2 works fine. Problem is transfers everything from other device and this caused many many problems. It's not practical
    2.)I can back up just saved pin messages from device 1
    3.)If I delete service book destop synch I can move everything over from old device manually except pins. It stays greyed out. Doesnt matter if from blackberry 1 (source) or see #1 copy of blacbkerry 2. Wont move these messages

    Is it a matter of temprorarily deleting one of the service books and if so which one?? Any thoughts??
    12-22-11 05:46 PM