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    Resolving issues with multiple address books and/or restore file has Address Book – ALL

    This is something that plagued me for years now. I have to admit I didn't try super hard to resolve it, but I do know there is little information on how to accomplish this successfully.

    Now that I finally figured it out and was successful, I wanted to share!

    I know alot of people can benefit from this because I see tons of people with the same issues.

    This procedure is for Blackberry users that have multiple address books and because of that, have issues syncing their Blackberry contacts to Outlook, Google Sync, etc.
    User’s Blackberry backup file has “Address Book – All” database that contains all their contacts, which in turn creates multiple address books when restored and also cannot be wirelessly sync’d.

    You will be able to merge address books following these instructions

    These instructions were specifically written for users that have multiple address books which couldn’t be wirelessly sync’d to Outlook and all of the contacts that were needed were on the Blackberry. You can use these instructions to fix other related issues by customizing the steps below.

    The steps to follow were performed on a Verizon 9630 with OS on BES and using the following tools, but most likely can be used on any blackberry:

    • Blackberry Desktop Software -

    • ABC Amber Blackberry Editor version 1.11 – Must be the “Editor”, not any of the other products with ABC Amber name



    1. Turn off radio on Blackberry – airplane mode, etc

    2. Connect Blackberry to PC that has the issue with multiple address books or has had its contacts restored from backup where contacts were contained in the database “ Address Book – All “

    3. Open Blackberry Desktop Software and verify that phone is shown connected.

    4. In upper left corner choose Device -> the click “ Back up… “

    5. Another screen will pop up – Choose Backup type “Custom”

    6. In the window below, only choose the database that says “ Address Book – All ” If you do not have that option I would guess you should make a full backup at this point and then restore only “ Address Book – All “ back to the phone. Then run through the steps above again. I don’t have this issue, so that is just speculation!
    7. Name the backup whatever you want and choose a location for the backup to be saved to, then click the “Back up” button at the bottom.

    8. Now open ABC Amber Blackberry Editor and click the “ Open IPD File “ button at the top

    9. Browse to the backup file you created and click open

    10. Now just click the “ Save As “ button in ABC Amber Blackberry Editor then save the new file with whatever name and location you would like.

    11. Close the Blackberry Desktop Software

    12. On your Blackberry device, go into the contacts -> click the Blackberry button -> scroll through the menu till you find “ Options “ -> click that -> you will see an area that says “ Contact Lists “ -> below that you will have multiple address books -> highlight the top one (don’t click it)-> type rset on the Blackberry keyboard -> this will allow you to delete the address book, which is what you want ( don’t worry, you have your contacts backed up twice now if you followed these instructions! ) I did this multiple times to verify I had everything cleared, one address book will remain no matter what, but should have 0 entries

    13. Open Blackberry Desktop Software -> click device ->click Restore

    14. On the next screen browse to the file you created in step 10 and then below click “Select Device Data and Settings” -> then check mark the box next to “ Address Book ” -> click the “ Restore “ button at the bottom

    15. Your contacts should now be restored and if you check to see how many address books you have, it should just be one. If it’s more than one, hopefully the one with the contacts is the one that can be wirelessly sync’d

    16. Click on the new address book ( step 12 will get you to this area again ) you will have an option for Wireless Synchronization – choose yes if you want your Blackberry and Outlook to synchronize – if you choose yes, it is possibly that if you already have contacts in Outlook, that you might get duplicates if you had the same contacts in the Blackberry. I don’t know if this is the case, as I had all my contacts in the Blackberry that I needed, so I just made a backup of my Outlook contacts in case there was an issue and then deleted all of my Outlook contacts. If it does create duplicates, you can just delete the duplicates in Outlook and any duplicates on the Blackberry should be cleaned up as well because everything should sync. You won’t know till you are done with all these steps!
    17. On the Blackberry device, now turn the radio back on – If you Changed “ Wireless Synchronization “ to “Yes”, your contacts from your Blackberry will now be added to your Outlook contacts

    18. At this point you should also be able to use Google Sync to synchronize all your contacts to your google account also


    I posted the same instructions here http://absoluteapogee.com/blackberry.html
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    THANK YOU!!! I still have two address books.... Address Book - All and the plain old Address Book. Do you know of anyway to get rid of it short of wiping the device?

    Thanks again.
    11-07-10 07:54 PM
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    Thanks so much for this solution. I thought I had lost my contacts in Outlook as I could not get Address-All to sync. With your solution, I was able to consolidate my contacts in the blackberry and also restore them in Outlook.
    11-09-10 06:08 PM
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    Old but excellent post!!! Thank you!
    09-07-11 09:36 PM
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    saved my life! well..my contact list. had so much trouble with vlingo with the multiple contact list...but that's all in the past now!
    11-05-11 04:24 PM
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    I will attest to this; it fixed my 9930 contacts list like a champ. Now I have ONE address book which is called "Default". Which is what applications expect to find. The only troublesome part is using the .ipd editor. It works great. Just takes time to delete the dups out.
    01-12-12 06:36 PM