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    I did everything I could to resolve this problem, then it sort of resolved itself. I don't understand how. You need to read to the end to realise how weird this is.

    The BB desktop manager suddenly stopped recognising the BB on my Windows 7 PC.
    It had been working fine a few minutes previously.
    The driver loaded. Windows recognised it: It appeared in Windows/My Computer..
    There were no yellow ! signs in Windows device manager.
    But the desktop manager refused to acknowledge it was connected.
    Over several days I did all the trouble shooting stuff, often repeatedly.
    I tried clean reinstalling desktop manager several times.
    I tried a system restore on the PC.
    I tried a full wipe on the BB.
    I tried a different USB lead.
    I tried a different USB socket.
    I tried a different user log-in to the PC.
    I replaced my AV software.
    I checked the firewall.
    Windows continued to see the BB. BB desktop manager continually refused to recognise it.
    I plugged the BB into a USB hub, (exactly the opposite of normal good practice) connected to the plugs in the rear of the PC. And the manager recognised it immediately.
    Remember the BB had still been able to connect to the PC perfectly well via the front USB sockets and the Desk top manager had been seeing it perfectly well up to then.
    That was strange enough, since any failure in the USB sockets would have surely stopped the BB appearing in Windows at all.
    But now comes the really weird part.
    I tried my BB back in the original front USB socket - and it worked perfectly again, as if I hadn't spent days trying to fix it and failing!

    Thoughts, suggestions, explanations would be welcome.
    I just want to understand how this could happen like that.
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    I've been contributing to forums for years. If they are any good there will be lots of questions and suggestions going backwards and forwards.
    The fact that no one has responded to this query suggests that the basic users don't have much knowledge, which is fair enough, but more to the point the "mods" and site owners are either not as interested or knowledgable as they make out.
    As a seeker after knowledge I find this very sad.
    Luckily I wanted suggestions and not a fix, or I'd have been sunk.
    My Curve is still connecting beautifully. but I neither know why it stopped or why it got better. So I don't know if it could happen again.
    Thanks a bunch.
    11-26-11 05:10 PM