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    I recently had some major work done on my computer, changed the Hard drive and reloaded with Microsoft XP and did all Msoft updates....I reinstalled all the data and programs and EVERYTHING is working BUT I can't get BB Dtop Mgr to work...i downloaded and tried installing latest version 3x, everytime I launch the app, it quits and the Microsoft send an error message comes up?

    I've downloaded v6.0.2 B43 direct from Rim site. Anybody have any idea of problem and how do I get it to work?

    Then I have other questions about synching and how to not get duplicate data since I already have organizer data on the BB....

    Please help?
    04-26-11 05:47 PM
  2. cornberry's Avatar
    cmon peoples, over 80 people have looked at this and nobody can helP???..I can't launch Desktop mgr and don't know why?
    04-27-11 10:34 PM