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    I am using an old Verizon 7250. For the past year I have gone from using a Blackberry with BES to a motorola Q to a Samsung Juke and now back to my old Blackberry waiting for Verizon to announce the Curve. I just couldn't stand not having a BB as I've used one since 1998! In any event, I downloaded and reinstalled the Desktop Manager software. I can no longer use BES because my work shut down their servers hence I am forced to use messaging with Redirector. I have Desktop Manager v4.2.1.8 and handheld sw v There is no redirector icon in my desktop manager window. I can pull up the redirector software however it does not work. It says it is running but it really isn't. I can't clear the stats or purge old messages. I have wiped my blackberry. I have deleted old desktop stores. To no avail. I have a Pearl 8130 on order which is supposed to arrive today but I am afraid that this will happen again once I install that phone.

    02-01-08 01:38 PM
  2. BerryOld's Avatar
    I was searching the net on this as well and came across your post. I don't have the icon either. Running v4.3.0.15.

    I am running BES and my IS group says to use Redirector to manage my message filters. However from the sounds of your post, it is only available if I run BIS?

    As usual, call me confused...
    02-01-08 02:14 PM
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    Hi I'm running desktop manager 4.2.2. and platform with AT&T my desktop doesn't have a sync icon an thoughts ? Thanks

    02-01-08 02:24 PM