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    Hello. I'm new here and just have a quick question.
    I looked around the forum under Desktop Manager and Blackberry curve 83xx, but didn't really find much...

    A few weeks back I used Desktop Manager to backup my blackberry. Now I want need to recover just the bookmarks from that file. Here's what I did.
    I used the Advanced option under "Backup and Restore"
    I open the file from a few weeks ago, and click on browser bookmarks, (it says that I have 32 records, which I took to mean there were 32 links...and that sounds about right) but when I transferred it and unplugged my phone to look at them there was only nine there.. Did I do something wrong?

    I have a 8310; and like I said before I'm using Desktop Manager.

    Also I had lot of them were in folders, and it seems like those are the ones I am missing...
    06-05-10 10:45 PM