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    Ive have tried to backup my bb 9930 4 times now and I keep getting this error:

    BlackBerry Desktop Software failed to backup your BlackBerry device. The device was disconnected.
    Reconnect your device and try again.

    At first I thought my phone unplugged on accident. Nope. So then I got a new cord, nope. What else can I try?

    On a separate note. It also wont let me add/delete any email on the phone. Whenever I go into email set up it says "initializing" then it says "device change failed" and that I dont currently have any emails. I then try to "add" one and it gives the same message again. The funny thing is, I currently have 2 emails associated with my phone that I actively receive and send messages through. IDGI.
    I spent an hour on the phone with a Verizon rep, they couldnt figure it out.. Finally I got tired and said "ya know what.. i can currently send and recieve I'm ok with it." But really I'm not.
    Which is the entire reason I wanted to back up and to a clean wipe to begin with... oy.
    05-10-12 02:04 AM
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    Nevermind figured it out.

    Not the email thing but the backup thing.
    05-10-12 02:09 AM