1. TrueBella's Avatar
    ive had my 8900 for almost a year now, for the most part i havent had many issues with it. just recently i downloaded 2 new apps, along with deleting a few old apps thinking i was making 'room' for the new ones.

    i rebooted the phone after, only to get a white screen showing a reload software 552 error. first time ive seen it so i did a google search and seen that this had something to do with running out of memory.

    i never did a back up of my files on BB. so more than likely im going to lose everything. i downloaded the 4.7 desktop manager TWICE. only to get that the DM was disconnected. sometimes it didnt even recognize my BBerry and didnt show my pin, itll say connected, but show the pin as (none)

    ive taken the battery out, rebooted the phone many times, tried different usb ports. only to get the same result. i followed the blackberry support site instructions with no success.

    when my pin would show is when i clicked to start application loader to add/remove files. i removed some apps click next to see the status bar. once it reached 100% i would get a fatal error message telling me to retry with a password?!? i dont have a password.

    so now im stuck with a phone with a white screen and im running out of ideas. i need help
    02-02-10 04:14 PM
  2. macken15's Avatar
    i get the same thing, but mine actually goes thru until it tries to reload at the end and says failed during multi load operation..

    no one seems to have answers
    02-05-10 11:02 AM