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    I have a question, when we are connected to blend via the mobile data, is the data on blend (on desktop) being transmitted to it from the cell phone every time (hence using the data twice for each message? once for receiving then again for sending to blend) or does the BB server pass one copy each to the PC and cell phone once a message or email is received (hence using cell data only once as normal and PC receives via its own internet connection).

    I hope my question is clear enough, would be really interested in knowing.

    10-16-14 12:42 AM
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    Great question.

    I am guessing here, so if anyone knows exactly how it works, be my guest.

    Blend connects your phone to another device via Carrier network, USB or WiFi. But let's take a step BACK. Let's talk Bridge.

    Bridge worked thus: BlackBerry handset got message (used data) Bridge would show that on the PlayBook (without any use of data - it was a direct connection via Bluetooth). Later, the Bridge protocol was update to allow the use of WiFi to speed things up, but it was still a direct connection.

    Ok, back to Blend. You won't get a copy of anything. The data is all sitting on your BlackBerry. Blend only opens a window and shows it to you fancy and dandy on a different device. I can only see Blend needing to use data if you copy a file from your device to the BlackBerry (and vice versa).
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    10-16-14 07:46 AM
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    So no one have any idea?

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    10-20-14 02:22 AM

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