1. charliesbopeep's Avatar
    I have DM 4.5 on my laptop, using Vista. It will not update to 5.0. Also, I cannot install App Loader on my laptop, when I click on the icon it says it is installing, but that is all I ever see. I have to search for it, and all I can find is the install file, and it just repeats itself. I also cannot open files for blackberry like QXDM,bluemarblesmall.tpx (topoexplorer), simpleweather.jad,viigo, etc.. I get message saying that windows is unable to open this file. How can I get these files opened on my laptop? To make a long story short I will just say that although I do have a BB data plan I am unable to use BIS or BES and cannot download ota.
    01-26-10 06:50 PM