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    I spent several hours frustrated trying to install desktop manager on my laptop, which runs Vista. It would stay on a gray screen, freeze, etc. Well I finally came across a website that provided a solution.


    Vista for some reason doesnt register VBScript. Take the steps below to get it to register VBScript.

    1. Go to accessories and right click on command prompt

    2. Click "run as administrator"

    3. Type "cd C:\Windows\System32" (replace the dir if its different for you)

    4. Then type "regsvr32 vbscript.dll". It should then confirm that vbscript has been registered and everything should work.

    After doing this, it started to run smoothly, but then I encountered a Windows Installer error. After aborting installation, restarting computer, and running the installation again, it worked. If it doesn't work for you after that, there are plenty of websites that troubleshoot the Windows Installer error.

    Installing BlackBerry Desktop on Vista
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    You running x64 or 32?

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