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    I have searched the forums for a solution and cannot find the solution I need. Last week I noticed that when I go to sync my Tour through the Desktop Manager I get a box saying my default service for my Address Book is no longer available. It was setup to sync wirelessly to Gmail but wasn't updating my contacts. I found a topic on the Blackberry Support Forum that showed how to reset my Default Services from syncing to Gmail and back to Outlook. After I followed the process of resetting my Default Services now it does not show contacts in the Default Services window, just Calendar and Messenger. When I try to sync I get a message and if I click Yes it goes through and try to sync contacts but I get a Intellisync error box with error code 0x80040fb3. Can someone help me get my phone to where I can continue syncing to outlook. I have lost several new numbers and contacts because it did not sync to Gmail.

    Thanks in advance
    06-03-10 02:14 PM