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    I really need help!


    On my BlackBerry, I am getting a filled in black square for symbols it doesnt recogniseI was told if I install extra languages onto the device it will sort this out.

    So I've tried to install the extra languages I go to Desktop software (I have version 6) and click applications > try to find the core applications part, but its not there. So I look for languages and its not there. I need the extra languages anyway, not just for symbols. Why wont it show the core applications?


    Please help as soon as you can, thank you in advance for anyone who helps!


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    12-22-10 07:39 PM
  2. ecsm's Avatar
    I just bought a 9780 and I'm having the exact problem with the desktop software. I can't see anything except 3rd party apps.
    12-27-10 07:33 AM