1. Colby1944's Avatar
    I installed BB desktop software V 6.0 today and the program keeps crashing either just after I open it or when I attempt to do anything with pictures. I did get it to do a general backup but that is the only thing I have been able to do. I uninstalled it and tried to reinstall V 5.0, but the RIM site will onlly allow download of the most recent version. I have a Curve 8330. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
    09-10-10 04:01 PM
  2. SoccerRef12's Avatar
    I use DM 6 and it works fine. I would suggest you download it again and give it another go.
    09-10-10 04:09 PM
  3. Colby1944's Avatar
    I did reinstall V 6.0 as I had no other choice and am having the dificulties that I described above. Thank you for your suggestion. If you have any other thoughts I would be delighted.
    09-10-10 04:18 PM
  4. CASH's Avatar
    Are you UNINSTALLING it or DELETING it? Big difference. Make sure you uninstall it.
    09-10-10 04:20 PM
  5. Colby1944's Avatar
    I di uninstall it by using the uninstall in the controll pannel on my pc. It stall will not do anything but not respond. I even restarted the computer thinking that my help. Thanks for your suggestion.
    09-10-10 04:27 PM
  6. CASH's Avatar
    Is your device connected while installing/running DM? Try waiting until it's up and running.
    09-10-10 04:32 PM
  7. Colby1944's Avatar
    My device was not connected when I downloaded the new version, but when I connect my phone and open desktop there are difficuties in reconizing my device and when it finally does it falis to respond when I go to sychronize pictures with my computer. This was a very simple process in V 5.0. Thanks again for your help.
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    09-10-10 04:47 PM