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    Greetings everyone, please bear with my total newb question, as this is my first BB ever.

    I have a Mac, and use Missing Sync which seems to work wonderfully. I have decided to run a virtual window of XP, so that I can use DM in the future to do updates. I installed DM thru Verizon's link, as the CD apparently came blank. When I installed it, it checked for updates and went from V4.7 to V5.0 of DM. A small window popped up that indicated there was some .dll file missing, but the update continued regardless.

    My DM currently says 5.0, but also indicates that my device is disconnected, when it actually is. Is there a file i need to patch this? This is the only way to do updates, correct? Or does Missing Sync do these updates as well?

    Any point in the right direction would be greatly appreciated, thank you.

    07-18-09 12:28 AM