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    ok so i have the storm (1, 9530). ive used the desktop manager ever sense i bought the phone transfering music, outlook contacts, etc. for some reason after i tried to update my phone from 4.7 to 5.0 (which failed in the first stage, backup) and i just clicked cancel and tried to reopen desktop manager and try again (without backup step cause i dont need it) it just stays saying "connecting" at the bottom right. !!! and i left my phone in for up to 2 hours without it ever changing to connected and unistalled and reinstalled manager and tried on a different computer with the same problem! so maybe its something wrong with the phone during the failed update? cause i had to reregister my handheld with the blackberry thing (which it said i would have to) and i just need help! i have no idea whats wrong ! i need the update! and i just need the DM back so i can transfer my media, etc.! THANKS!
    10-17-10 03:12 PM