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    Hiyas... Just purchased applock a few days ago and so far it seems to do pretty much exactly as advertised but am having one problem with it. As far as i can tell the is no way to keep someone from just tethering my storm and using the desktop manager to remove the program entirely unless i go ahead and set the master password on the blackberry which is pretty much what i bought applock to avoid having to do. I emailed their customer support about it a few days back and have yet to receive a response so i thought i would ask you all and see if anyone had any ideas. Basically what i am looking for is a way to either disable the option to connect the storm to my desktop via usb or bluetooth or to enable some kind of option similar to how the master password works ie the desktop manager requires a password before you can mess with any of the data on the phone. The only other thing i could think of is if there was a way to disable the security timeout on the master password i could go ahead and set that and then just not hit the default lock button on the phone and would only have to enter it when i tethered or rebooted the blackberry. Any help at all would be appreciated.
    12-06-09 12:14 AM
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    Well, back in the days (few months ago) there was a way to protect an application, so you cannot delete it even using Desktop Manager.

    However because of this story
    UAE Telco Etisalat Installs Spyware On Users Blackberries | Darknet The Darkside
    RIM have upgraded all OS versions to block the code, which would make an application hidden and protected against any kind of removal. That code block is for sure in OS 5.0, and in all OS version updates released after October 2009.

    I believe that RIM will introduce a new signing key (probably only for their alliance partners), which will give access to such functionality.
    12-06-09 01:40 PM