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    Sorry if there are posts about this somewhere else.
    I work at an indirect verizon store & we sell alot of blackberrys and help alot of people fix issues on their blackberrys and transfer data between BB using the desktop manager.

    We sometimes backup or use device switch wizard on peoples BBs that are linked to a BES/have IT policy, and it saves the IT policy in the program files I guess. And it then gets put on peoples phones who have personal/not work related BBs.

    I've read the posts on removing the IT policy by putting a blank IT policy file in the Program Files>RIM>Blackberry folder. If I use this method, can I leave the blank IT policy file in that folder? Will it mess up BB that are linked to BES? Does anyone have advice on using desktop manager to backup/switch data on multiple BBs without effecting peoples IT policy or personal non-work BBs?

    Thank you
    01-14-10 09:38 AM