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    Is anybody currently using PocketMac for Blackberry? I have struggled with Blackberry Desktop Manager for Mac and I wondered if PocketMac was any better/easier/reliable or are there just as many problems? I want to sync a BB9900 to a new MacBook pro and use Outlook 2011. If there's any other alternatives to Destop Manager that folk would recommend I would be interested and very grateful.
    ta, Alan
    04-01-12 08:47 AM
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    Worked for me on OS X 10.6 with Outlook 2011. I purchased it with the promise of full sync to Calendar, Contacts, Tasks and Notes once Microsoft released SP1. Unfortunately PocketMac relies on Apple Sync Services and Categories don't sync and they are essential for me. PocketMac synced Categories in Entourage 2008 reliably.

    I'm now on OS X 10.7 and sync OTA using various clouds (Google, Yahoo and Toodledo). I use the BlackBerry Desktop app for Mac to backup, install apps and update the OS which has its issues as it sounds like you know!
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    04-02-12 07:06 AM
  3. somainer's Avatar
    I too would be interested in hearing about first-hand experience with PocketMac... My main issue with Blackberry Desktop Manager is how it handles sync of reminder times see my post here:

    I have tried MissingSync which supports Bluetooth sync AND handles events better than Blackberry sync (i.e., it maintains relative times whereas Blackberry converts them to absolute times), but it has problems with tasks that are reassigned to different dates AND hangs a lot - but you might consider trying it!
    05-01-12 10:08 AM
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    i bought the missing sync to get the iCloud issues solved (sync Cal and Address book ) doesn't work
    05-06-12 03:42 AM